Asilla SDK

World-class behavior recognition AI.
Realizing a world where any sort of crimes and accidents can be prevented with Asilla SDK.

Asilla SDK Lineup

Linecross / Intrusion

Human counting and intrusion detection in areas requiring close monitoring.

Multiple Camera Tracking

Flow line analysis and security alerts in commercial facilities.


Abnormal behavior detection, such as fighting and falling in real-time.

Visitors counting IN and OUT in real time

The Linecross function lets you know the traffic IN and OUT in real time. With the Intrusion function, you also get instant alerts when someone enters restricted areas.

Improve customer experience and safety

Identifying a person as they pass through multiple cameras at different times can help you improve customer experience and safety.

  • Detect a person in the Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Find lost children or elderly people
  • Know customer flow

Never miss a dangerous situation

Anolla function can monitor all situations 24/7 and instantly alert you when abnormal situations such as falls, fights and more are detected.

Asilla SDK Advantages

Real-time alert

Night-time detection

Compatible with a range of security cameras

Deployable on Edge devices

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